Helping You To Be Educated and Efficient with your Firearms Ownership

If you are reading this then you already recognize that guns are a part of our culture. So I don’t need to try to scare you with statistics that you may not believe will ever happen to you. What I do want to do is tell you that you can become more educated and efficient with your firearm ownership. You can become skilled, confident and empowered. You can learn about its parts, how it works, how to clean it and you can learn and know with a certainty that you are developing an intuitive response for practical self-defense against the ambush. This is what I teach.

Combat Focus Shooting, Inc. Courses

Integrity Consistency Efficiency are the hallmarks of these course. Based on the Science of the Body’s Natural Reactions to critical incident stress, empirical data of what we know actually happens during a gunfight and incorporating various adult education teaching principles, these course will provide you with what you need to develop your defensive shooting skills.

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NRA Programs

Introduction To Firearms Ownership & Shooting – The NRA programs are basic courses and do not assume you will be using a gun for defense.  Many people enjoy other aspects of shooting and firearms ownership from recreational and competition to hunting or just collecting. The goal is to educate the student on the different types of guns, how they work, how the cartridges work, the names of the parts, maintenance and fundamentals of shooting.

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