Martial Arts

Training Without A Weapon

I am a big fan of the martial arts; the poetry of movement and the mental stimulation.  When I was much younger, I also enjoyed the way my teachers made me laugh by effortlessly throwing me to the ground. (Now it just stings.)  I do not teach martial arts myself but I wanted to showcase a school with a lot to offer.  This school teaches several different styles of martial arts so you should find some very good training.  Enjoy!


I want to thank John Young and Melvin Armstrong (Five Family Five Animal Southern Shaolin Kung Fu) for their friendship, understanding and for not only teaching me how to learn but teaching me how to survive long enough to learn.  I also want to thank Brad Tyrey (Bagua Zhang, Hsing I Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan) for his friendship and for showing me a lot of the truth in Chinese martial arts.

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Academy

At Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Academy you can choose from a variety of systems of martial arts which compliment and feed off of each other in all aspects of self-defense.  From self-defense to physical fitness, once you become a student, this 4000 sq. ft. facility and all of its equipment is available for your personal growth.

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