During a moment of reflection it dawned on me just how much time, effort, energy and money I had spent over the last 20+ years learning to use lethal force.  I have always thought of myself as willing to help others but I stopped and asked myself have I put an equal share toward helping others.  I have easily spent 5 figures throughout the years on guns, ammo, travel for training, training, martial arts classes, and so on.  How much have I donated to charity?  How far have I ever traveled to volunteer?  Have I taken the act of helping others as seriously as I have taken the act of using lethal force?

None of us want to use lethal force but it does have it’s place.  With that action comes a new world of experience, questioning, second guessing, possibly issue of self-image and so on.  I have always believed in helping people in need yet I had never realized how little I was doing.  This is a learning opportunity.  Not the least of which may be in trying to balance one necessary/ unfortunate action with many meaningful actions.

There are many charities both national and local that could use some assistance now rather than later.  I know sometimes it seems like a big personal sacrifice but there are many ways to be heroic.  If I can travel across the country to train, couldn’t I travel across town to volunteer?
Should I buy a $1000 rifle, a $600 scope, extra magazines, etc. or give $50 a month to help a kid have clean drinking water, help a soldier or make a donation to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation and “Save the Ta Ta’s.” 😀   (Both my grandmother, mother and aunt were survivors.)  Keep compassion in your heart as you train.

Proverbs 11:24-25