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Offers Certified NRA and I.C.E. Training Company courses for safe firearms ownership and defensive shooting. Special Events like seminars in traditional martial arts, first responders medicine and so on are often offered or promoted through here as well.

One emphasis of this company is on the I.C. E. Training programs for defensive shooting.  One such course is Combat Focus Shooting.  This is an intuitive shooting program that follows a counter-ambush methodology.  It is geared toward those who wish to carry concealed or armed professionals.  Home Defense courses, Carbine and additional courses are also offered.

Regardless of the type of course you choose to start with, all of these are based in science and on empirical data of what we know actually happens in real life defensive shootings.  More importantly, these are “why” programs.  Requiring you the student to get real answers to your questions that can be explained down to the biology, physiology or psychological processes or concepts.  Although some answers may be brief during the course, the debrief session at the end of each day affords you the opportunity to get into greater detail with the instructor.  Credible answers have to move beyond, “This is the best way” or “It’s another tool for your tool box” and stopping there.  Credible answers should explain why this is the best way.  This understanding helps the gun become an extension of the will and not a tool that is acted upon externally.

Why The Name First Action?

As I went from instructor to instructor, one common theme was shared.  Defensive shooting was always taught from the Response phase.  What I mean is that we would step up to a line and start shooting targets. Defensive concepts that applied after the fight had started would be discussed and that was it.

When I encountered Combat Focus Shooting the start of the defensive shooting situation was at the point of Recognizing the threat, how the body reacts to that realization and then how to work with those reactions. Having been in defensive situations before, and having experienced them for myself, I had finally found the piece I had been missing in my training. So the First Action refers to the start of the fight….the recognition/ reaction to its imminence. All of my defensive instruction will start here.

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